How to use wireless router

A wireless router is a device that allows internet or computer connection in a close environment without the use of wires. This is an excellent way of having a single router give connections to many other computers or devices without the usage of over head wires. So you easily carry around your devices in a certain radius with the connection still deemed useful. It uses radio waves that allows better conductance of information. Due to increase in the amount of devices required for using internet even inside a house, wireless routers are an absolute necessity to set up home networks. Even if you want to set up different computers together in a network is it LAN or WLAN you will require a wireless router to avoid the messy wires.

Get the correct hardware

It is very important to get the correct hardware for a wireless router. If you live in a house that has many walls or is large then you will probably need more than one device or else even one will suffice. Sometimes routers have an upgrading system like antennas that can either bought afterwards or are provided in the box that allows greater coverage signals for the device. It is very important to have the right hardware from good stores as Wireless router is a long term investment. It seldom breaks down or requires maintenance costs so you will have to just buy it once.

Connect with modem

If you want to have a wireless connection to all of your devices in your house, be it your computer, iPad, smart phones etc, you will need to connect it with your broadband modem. It is advised to place the broad band near to your wireless device. The wireless device will have to be connected to the modem with an Ethernet cable. This way internet connection will become wireless and will be available to a range of Wi-Fi devices in your house or close proximity.

Configure the device

To make the device start working you will have to have it connected to the modem as well configured by your computer. All you will have to do is to look back on your modem as check for the IP address and the authentication username and password. Once these are given you will turn your computer on go to the IP address and type in the user name and password. This way your device is authenticated to use the internet wirelessly and the router will easily send signals to it.

Connecting it with your device

Now when you have already installed and configured it the next step is to connect it to your device. This is again an easy step. You will have to go the Wi-Fi option of your Smartphone, turn it on and see if your connection shows up. When it does click on it and then add in the user name and password and the device will obtain the IP address and connect you to the internet. The same goes for your computer and all other devices that use wireless connection. This way Wireless router makes Wi-Fi connection so easy taking less than a few seconds.