Product Review for TP-LINK Archer C8 AC1750

TP-LINK Archer C8 AC1750 Dual Band Wireless AC Gigabit Router big 4

TP-LINK Archer C8 AC1750 is a tremendous wireless router which provides speedy network operations and incorporates two different bands. It is highly efficient in terms of handling audio, video and various web based tasks. It employs three high quality antennas which provide large scale Omni directional signals. It contains 800 MHz dual core CPU. It provides terrific data transfer and users can get up to 450 Mb per second while working with 2.4 GHz band and 1.3 Gb per second with 5 GHz band. It employs dual USB ports along with 4 GB Ethernet ports.

Features and Specifications:

This router incorporates efficient WAN-LAN ports which are capable of providing maximum speed of 1000 Mb per second. It can also be used as a high quality hub for deploying extremely demanding high traffic wired network. Here are the prominent features of this terrific device.

Dual Wi-Fi Band: This product incorporates dual Wi-Fi bands, 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. It can provide the maximum speed of 1.75 gigabit per second. It provides the speed of 450 megabit per second with 2.4 GHz band while at 5 GHz it can reach the maximum speed of 1.3 gigabit per second. It works very well for networks used for playing HD movies and online games.

Efficient Long Range Coverage: This product has three advanced antennas along with strong amplifiers in order to provide strong and efficient signals to cover the maximum area. You’ll get consistent and reliable signals for all the devices that are attached to the network.

Better Signals Because of Beamforming Technology: This router makes use of beamforming technology which detects various devices connected to the network and then provides extremely strong signals in the directions where these network devices are located. As a result, you’ll get extremely efficient and well-focused signals which results in enhanced coverage and optimal network performance.

Pros and Cons:


  • Dual Wi-Fi bands
  • Efficient and better Wi-Fi
  • Dual USB ports
  • Incorporation of beamforming technology for better performance
  • Extremely speedy wired connections


  • Creates problems when employed with Apple devices
  • Frequent internet connectivity related issues
  • Comes with poor user manual and limited technical information

What customers say about it?

This is extremely successful product and it has feedback score of 4.4 out of 5. Such a high feedback score ensures that majority of the users are really satisfied after buying this router and they are not having any problem or issues while working with this terrific device.


As far as giving final recommendation related to this product is concerned, I would strongly recommend buying this product. It incorporates dual Wi-Fi bands and dual USB ports. It provides enhanced data transfer facility. This wireless router has the capability of generating extremely strong and efficient Wi-Fi signals and as a result, you can enjoy enhanced network coverage throughout your house or premises without any concern or worries regarding network connectivity. There will be no dead spots in your house and you can move freely within your premises while doing what you want to do.