Product Review for Linksys E8350

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Linksys E8350 is a terrific wireless router that has managed to establish its reputation as extremely fast and reliable router. It is a cost effective product and it provides you efficient performance without compromising a bit on reliability and performance. This router works really well on 5 GHz band and it can provide handsome storage capability if you connect it with external memory source.

Features and Specifications:

If you are looking for both quality and efficiency in single wireless router, then you must seriously think to purchase this product. Here are its main features.

Speedy Wi-Fi Performance: This router send four streams of signals at a time to various devices in the network and all of these four streams can have speed of up to 2.33 GB per second. As a result, users get terrific Wi-Fi speed without any problems or issues such as delay because of buffering. This product is really well suited for playing video games that requires heavy data transfer and for playing HD movies. Due to the incorporation of 1.4 GHz dual core processor, you can smoothly run the applications and games that require heavy processing and get maximum enjoyment and fun from your network because of no annoying processing delay.

Use of Four Antennas: This product employs four antennas which generates bigger Wi-Fi patterns that overlap in order to provide enhanced network coverage of larger area without any dead spots. As a result, you can move freely throughout your house without facing any network connectivity issues.

Beamforming Technology: This wireless router incorporates beamforming technology which provides better Wi-Fi services by generating stronger signals to particular devices in the operational range of the router. Means instead of just sending out the signals in general direction, it focuses specified network devices to provide better and efficient connectivity. It reduces the signal disturbance due to the presence of other network devices and it ensures long range coverage, optimal use of bandwidth better network performance.

Pros and Cons:


  • Highly efficient processor
  • Wi-Fi coverage over longer distance
  • Use of beamforming technology for more focused Wi-Fi signals
  • Enhanced network speed
  • Four external antennas


  • Internet connectivity problem with 2.4 GHz band
  • Poor customer support provided by the manufacturer
  • Frequent signal dropping especially at 2.4 GHz

What customers say about it?

This wireless router has a feedback score of 3.4 out of 5 which is obviously not a very good score at all. But the only reason for this lower feedback is the frequent signal dropping which is often observed with 2.4 GHz band. With 5 GHz band, this router works really fine.


This is a terrific wireless router which provides you long distance network coverage along with much speedy performance. It possesses terrific processing capability and is really well suited for gaming environment because it has the capability of running big applications very smoothly. It incorporates beamforming technology which ensures efficient Wi-Fi signals and better device connectivity throughout the network. However, this router has signal dropping problem with 2.4 GHz band and its performance is not considered to be very good for this band but this router works really well with 5 GHz band.