Benefits of using wireless router

Whenever we take the name of a wireless router one thing immediatedly comes in mind, and that is that the device is able to connect many computers and other wireless supporting gadgets in a close knit WLAN system. Here are mentioned some of the benefits of using this system for communication and surfing.

Connects many without a mess

Gone are the days when computers used to be connected by cables and wires that used to run everywhere creating a messy outlook and always magically jumbling up no matter how much you used to untangle them. This case has been completely altered now and with the avent of wireless routers you can create a Local Area Network easily without any over head or hanging wires.

Can access internet any where you want

Another great thing about wireless routers is that they send radio frequency signals to a given radius of your house or proximity. Within that range you can access the internet and surf whenever you want. You don’t need to sit near the modem, or connect it with your device, like we used to beforehand. This is a great thing as I t allows you mobility. So even when you are at your own work place and you wish to move around with your laptop or take  it some other room, the internet connection will not die out so not keeping you confined to a specific location.

As many devices as you want

Another great thing about wireless routers is that they allow you to connect with them many other devices. Unlike the modems from which only one device used to get connected by a cable, this one allows you to use internet on various other device so if you have friends coming over or work or if you already have many Wi-Fi accepting gadgets you don’t have to worry the router will give internet connections to all of them.


Some wireless routers have a built-in firewall that helps to keep the internet services confined to your house only. Also many at times there are internet hackers and people who commit crimes on the internet can use connectivity provided by your router. If your router is built in with a router then it will easily send many of such criminal’s away y and will keep your connection safe and private.

Personalized connection

Using a wireless router does not easily means that you make your internet public for everyone to use who are near its vicinity. It comes with a secured password and username and you are supposed to keep one so that only you and those you want can access the internet and none else. This way you can up the security of your internet and you have the options to make it open to whomever you wish. Many people consider having communication issues with wireless routers due to this option but in reality if you imply a secret pass word and username and keep a fire wall you instantly create an invisible shield around your connectivity that is only open to you and the people you want.